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    3.5 hp briggs hop ups and mods

    Hey guy i have a 3.5 horse b&s on my bike and the motor is fairly new and was give to me and im just wondering if anyone has any tips or tricks internal or external to gain any extra hp or speed im not experienced in tearing a small engine all the way down and i really dont want to sink a bunch or money in it but theres always small thing that can be done to improve performance so any advice would be greatly apreciated thanks guys

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    Most mods that apply to a 5hp Briggs would apply here. See the sticky at the top. Good luck.
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    thanks man

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    well i finally tore the 3.5 down and ported the intake and exhaust and polished the exhaust the best i could made a new header pipe for it and it runs so good now the carb cant keep up with the motor its a preset carb with no a/f mixture adjustment so im looking for a 5 hp tank and carb because my block has the extra hole that im told is for other carbs to bolt up so i cant wait to get more fuel to it to see what it will really do

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    The 5hp pulsa jet carbs SUCK! look for a 3hp flo jet carb they are much better!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MassD View Post
    The 5hp pulsa jet carbs SUCK! look for a 3hp flo jet carb they are much better!
    can you send me a pic of one, i may have the carb your talking about off my old 3 horse just needs some work to fix some pits in the tank so i was gonna hold off on fixing it to try the 5 horse setup but if it will be better than anything else and run the motor well ill fix it up asap

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    alright thank you massD ive seen carbs like that but i referred to them as a updraft carb had no idea it was the flo jet but i have one and wonder if it will work cause the one i have is on a 8horse that my father in law give me and i was talkin to my buddy last night and hes wanting to put a z50 honda slide carb on it that he has as a spare and just make an adapter so thats my options what do you think clean and put on the flo jet thats sat in the weather for about 10 years which isnt a problem or try the z50 carb???????

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    ive heard that the 8hp carbs dont work well and not to use them so try the z50 out!

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    alright man i will and i will post pics of the finished product i think it will look awsome and i hope it works right im ready to fab the custom intake adapter

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