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    Briggs Kick Start

    I went and picked up the Briggs kick start engine that I saw on craigslist. When I got there he said he had another one. He pulled them both out of his shed and told me how he used to show them at the tractor shows that him and his wife use to go to.

    He had a number of IH (International Harvester) pieces, and a bunch of other cool old farming tools.

    I ended up just buying the briggs engines.

    Brought the both home, put gas in them and they started right up.
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    Just one more minibike and my collection will be COMPLETE.....

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    damn! thats awesome, you are now the caretaker of those and its your job now to make sure they live for another generation to enjoy as well.
    better picture of the carbs etc please

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    What are they, WMB?? Did ya rape him on both of them? If so, you got a damn good deal man, believe it or not.. those tanks are $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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    Those are really nice motors Jeep, nice score. I have a block, crank, con. rod, flywheel, and kick start mech. for one of those motors but they aren't in the best of shape.

    OMB forever, forever OMB.

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    Nice! What are the details on the engines? Model #, age, etc...

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