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    El Burro Sand n Sno Bike

    I got this about 12 years ago thinking I would fix it up.
    Never got to the fixing part.
    It has been sitting on blocks in my garage. I prefer the smaller minis.

    The tires seem to hold air ok.
    Never tried to start it but the engine turns over and has compression.
    Mostly complete. Missing missing an intermediate sprocket assembly & chains; air cleaner (see images)
    Frame is good. There is rust here & there, but I think it is all superficial.
    Mostly what you see is what it is. Check out the other pics in the link below. Contact me with any questions

    More images are here - photobucket clicky

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    I wish you were closer to detroit of toledo! I would buy it in a heartbeat!

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    what size engine is on it? if you dont know then get whatever numbers off it that you can and let me know. im intrested

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    Are you kidding me!! You're less than 15 minutes from me.

    Do I smell another El Burro in my garage?

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    jeep get it for me and i will pick it up at the ann arbor show! thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by smallbikes88 View Post
    jeep get it for me and i will pick it up at the ann arbor show! thanks
    We'll see about that.

    Just messin' with ya.
    Last edited by jeep4me; 10-13-2010 at 11:50 PM.

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    so whats up? you want a local?

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    you know its worth between 100 and 200 right? im thinking 100 paypal as i have to ship

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    I'll do $150 cash and can pick it up tomorrow.

    No need to even worry about taking it apart, boxing it up, hauling it to UPS, greyhound or whoever.

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    I was looking for numbers on the engine today - james asked
    Could not find numbers. There was a plate on the back of the engine cover, it's gone. Tell me where I should look and find numbers that are important - I will look.
    I would prefer local but; sure, willing to work out shipping details if needed.

    One thing I did find while looking for numbers was not so good.
    I found a crack in one of the down tubes. About 1/4" from the head tube, just off the weld.
    I could not get a good image. Will try again in good daylight.
    I would imagine that changes things a bit.

    I will send PMs to those that have contacted me.

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