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    2 homelite trail kings

    I have a pair of homelite trailkings. made in leavenworth washington. both are different models but similar. The red one has a factory buddy seat. Sold with or without that seat. they have separate 2 speed gear boxes. I live in Spokane wa. and do not want to ship these. perfer local pick-up or can drive as far as Seattle or Portland to meet someone. If paid I can make a custom pallet and ship via truck frieght. but this will most like be spendy.
    I want $300 each or $500 for the pair.
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    Great looking machines and can't think of a better way to carry cases of beer.. Check the forum as there have been some photos and threads about these.

    There is a video on youtube of a nice one being ridden, no doubt someone from here?

    Seems like they are all out in your neck of the woods... Never remember seeing them around New England. Good thing there not down the road from me or Id be tempted..

    Good Luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by mmisterbungl View Post
    those guys from washington are wild

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    2 Words ( Fort Lewis )

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