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    1970 Western Auto SS300 Trail Horse "Survivor Bike"

    Well my son wants to go back kart racing again and kart racing = money……

    “And where are you getting this money??” you ask…….well unfortunately I’ll have to sell a couple of my favorite bikes …

    Here is what is essentially a “one-owner” 1970 Western Auto SS300 Trailhorse that I bought about a year ago out of St. Louis.
    It was owned by a gentleman who worked as a stock boy in Western Auto as a teenager and he bought the bike with his earnings. He used his subsequent paychecks to add some bolt on accessories such as the battery operated lights, reflectors, side view mirrors, newspaper baskets, etc that were sold at the store. Even has vintage mud flaps with the old Ford “crown” insignia that were trimmed to fit. Of course all of these bolt-on items could easily be removed but I kept the bike exactly as found as a tribute to the old timer who got so much enjoyment out of it that he kept it and rode around his entire life.
    The bike was meticulously cared for and maintained its entire life. Beautiful HS30 Tecumseh with it’s original paint and decals. It runs and operates like new. Nothing has ever been touched up, re-painted or re-chromed….every accessory added to the bike (yes even the tassles) are 40 years old. The entire bike has an even coat of fine patina over it that only comes with 4 decades of dry storage. If I had to point out one “flaw” the front fork plate decal is faded and lifting slightly at the corner….(and it could use a new pair of rubber fork boots)……that’s it!!!!
    Check out the matching original SS300 chrome clutch cover…. virtually impossible to find. Original Carlisle double Indians are like new…..

    Unless somebody finds one still in the crate from 1970, this may be the nicest original example of this model bike on the planet…

    If you’ve got a few minutes to read, here’s a link to the long but very interesting story behind the bike and its original owner.
    READ STORY >>>>>>

    Price is $700 . If you look at some of the other bikes that come up for sale in this price range, you will see this is the bargain of the century. Somebody here give it a good home in your collection before I throw it to the vultures on E-Bay…

    Available for pick-up here in central New Jersey or free delivery to Windber if paid for in advance

    …you could be the parade’s Grand Marshall on this gem…!!
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