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    1971-ish Sears Roper

    I believe this to be a 1971 Sears Roper. It does include the original gas tank However, it is still orange and has not been restored. Also I will include a brand new set of Knobby-offroad style tires.

    It is Located in Lexington, KY 40509. I am asking $400 OBO. I'm open to all offers!

    I will be as accurate as possible with this listing, please let me know of any additional questions you may have.

    It has the front headlight and rear brake light(with rear bar mount, not pictured) although the clunky battery box has been removed.

    I think it needs a tune up or new carb because I can not get it to idle properly like it did in the video below. I did install a fuel filter so maybe that is the problem? I can get it to start fine with 1 pull, then it will run and just die off unless I continue to give it throttle. Almost like it chokes out. Otherwise it seems to run pretty well since I've owned it for about a year now.

    Video of it running:


    If above does not work try this link:

    The frame has been powdercoated firetruck red with the engine mount and swing arm assembly in black. The wheels have been powdercoated red around the rims and inner wheel and surrounding wheel bolts gloss black to match the rest of the frame.

    Seat has been recovered with vinyl, not a professional jobe but no tears or rips.

    The rear shocks appear to be newer, in great shape.

    The fenders have since been plasti-dipped all black, you can peel it off it youd like, since its rubberized coating.

    5HP Briggs and Stratton badged as "Craftsman 5HP"

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    Save for more pics....Sorry I accidentally submitted the post before I was finished!

    Pics with metal protection plate removed. Comet clutch.

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