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    Question What oil to use in Baja Minibike

    So, if you have seen my last post, im getting a scratch and dent green baja minibike from that guy in phoenix for $150. What I want to know is when I get it should I immediately drain the factory oil out and replace it? The engines have only been started maybe twice and never broken in, some may have never been started except at the factory when they were tested. But I heard its best to leave the original oil in until breakin then change it in a certain amount of hours? Well if I change it what oil would you recommend to replace it with, and what weight?

    So the nut-shell of this is:
    1. Should I leave the factory oil in for break-in or not?

    2. If you guys think I should use a different oil for break in what type do you think would be best?

    3. And what weight of oil should I use
    (Winter here is about 85* during the day and like 40* at night,)

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    It says in the manual for those that the oil in the engine is just a shipping oil and it is recommended that you change it. I'd change it just to be safe. You can use a straight 30 weight oil at temperatures above 40 degrees so you'd be fine with that, otherwise I'd run 10w-30. For break-in, personally I change the oil about 4 times in the first hour and then once each hour for the next few hours. There is so much metal shaving in the oil at first I think it's best to get it out of the engine.

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    You can also buy a magnetic oil plug. If you remove the original dipstick and replace it with the magnetic plug, you will be amazed at how much metal it removes from the oil.

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    Hmm I think ill leave the factory oil in for 1hour of use then ill change it after that with some good quality oil, then 1hour and 30minutes, and ill change it again with some good oil the same as the last, and then from there out ill change it like every month depending on how often I ride that month.....

    I dont like the metal shavings in the oil either and I cant change it the second some get in it so I think I might use a powerful magnet by the dipstick and possibly get the shavings out but I probibly have a metal plug from a mower that would fit.......

    I usually buy Castrol SAE-30 so SAE-30 is Ok to run here like I said its like 40* lowest temp here and 90* peak and the summer is like low of 70* and highest of 110*......also if anyone has bought one of these minibikes from the guy in phoenix craigslist If you could, can you pm me and tell me the area he is in, I planned on calling but id hate to call and he tell me he is very far......

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    i've only changed my oil once and that was after the first 20 minutes of running it. it's got a shit load of hours on it now and is fine.

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    just run it for 20min's or so and then change the oil straight 30 weight will work just find for you. when after draining it into a pan take a bright spot light and look into the oil. you be surprise how much fine metal material that will be floating around

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    yea ill change it soon and it runs ok but the chain or clutch rattles alot when taking off......also the recoil is wingy and i think the middle thing needs to be screwed in better, it runs fine otherwise

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    I say change it before you even start it.

    Who knows what kind of Chinese fish oil is in there. Your engine deserves the best oil you can afford. Run it moderately for about 20 to 30 minutes. Shut it down & drain it hot while you go have lunch or something. Fill it back up & run it for about an hour & drain it hot again.

    Don't forget to lube the clutch bushing & your chain.

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