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    Wiring kill switch

    I am done with my clone install and I am wondering what wires to hookup to the kill switch on the handlebar. Is it the two wires coming from the switch on the engine, just splice them up? One ground and the other one.

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    The kill switch wires on mine are one black and one green.The green one grounds to the engine block somewhere(I had mine on the gas tank mounting bolt).

    In my case,the engine had a low oil shut-off(a little box with 2 wires on it),which I removed.This left 2 black wires from the engine(ignore the yellow wire.It's the low oil sensor).One went to the engine mounted switch,the other was unused.I hooked the black wire from the kill switch to this unused black wire and it worked perfectly.

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    Cool! I'll get splicing tonight.

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    here's a shot of how my kill switch is wired up on my 5.5 clone. ignore the yellow wire on the left.

    edit: the black wire that's ziptied to the frame is the one that goes to the killswitch.

    it'd be nice if the switch part of my kill switch didn't fall off one night. now i have to ground the wire to the throttle housing to make the bike shut off.
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