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Thread: Tires and tubes

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    Tires and tubes

    hey guys, I bought 145/70-6 tires from royal distributor about a week ago, and they came shipped flat. I got the tire over the rim, the problem is that they are impossible to inflate. So i decided to buy a tube and put it inside, unless one of your guys know how to inflate it. If so, please comment below, and also, does anyone know where i can get 145/70-6 tubes in canada/ontario, and would a 15x6.00-6 tube work with a 145/70-6 tire?

    thanks guys

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    Take a bungie strap or ratchet strap and run around middle of tire. Tighten slightly until tire is compressed and you see beads on both sides expanding towards rim. Soapy water (dishwashing suds) on beads. Try to inflate BUT remember to release your strap once sealed againt rim. It's worked a few times for me.

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    you could use the starting fluid method. go to Youtube and check out the vids.
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    you can lay them in the sun and let them heat up for about a hour or so. this well make them more pliable so you can work with them

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    Quote Originally Posted by barnett1600 View Post
    I first thought of the starting fluid method but wasn't sure in posting
    It works really well. I've done it a few times but I'd feel guilty if somebody got hurt trying it after I suggested it

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    I went to princess auto and if you watch there flyers they have complete wheels on sale for like $12 sometimes u can split them pretty easy and take the tubes.

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    I went to the local tire shop and gave a guy a five spot. He almost refused to take it. Took him all of 2 minutes using the strap method. Now I know how to do it that way.

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