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    Honda GX340 piston insertion and torque specs... please!

    I think I got everything figured out. The new piston will be coming in any day now. but I have a question, which direction is the connecting rod supposed to be pointing when I put it in? It has a long pointy nose on the bottom of it.

    towards the carb? or towards the head?

    also, can someone please provide me with torque specs for the following?

    2 bottom connectin rod bolts
    4 head bolts
    pull string balancer thingy center bolt. it's like 1 inch big.

    any other final advise before assembly is greatly appreciated.



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    Whats your email address! I have a PDF sheet with all that info?

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    I PM'd you my email! let me know if you didn't get it! and when you sent it so I can check if my email filtered it out!

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