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Thread: Scrub brakes

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    Scrub brakes

    Hi all
    I was looking on the net today and found a number of mini bikes for sale with scrub brakes and if you wanted a disk brake it was an extra $xx.

    So here it is:

    What do you think of scrub brakes (ie how good or bad they)?

    Would you pay for an upgrade to a disc brake? (All be it to late)

    Now don't be shy with your answers!!!!!!! howeverthey might be OK


    P.S all funny stories are on a must tell all basis

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    Scrub brakes worked well for years. They still do. They are very dependent upon the type/style of tire they are being used with. Slicks work great. Ribbed are good. Turf savers are ok and the more agressive the tread gets they less aggressive the scrub brake becomes. Something about having some rubber to scrub against.
    But, any upgrade is just that. An up grade. Exterior band brakes are probably better than most scrubs. Interior/drum brakes are better than band, etc.

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    The trouble with scrub brakes is that they never dry out when riding on a wet surface...the tire surface used for braking is the same surface making contact with the wet ground as the bike continues to move forward, constantly supplying a wet, slippery rubber surface for the wet, slippery smooth metal surface to rub against...without generating very much friction to slow the bike.

    The other types of braking systems usually dry rapidly when activated, and also use materials better suited to provide friction between the contact surfaces, instead of relying on materials designed/suited for other purposes.

    I haven't owned or built a minibike with a scrub brake since 1974...the year I broke my left ankle because my Sensation MB-1 wouldn't stop when that tree jumped out in front of me...

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    also dont forget to mention that scrub breaks WEAR OUT YOUR TIRE, the tire on my new mini is wore down to nothing because it has a scrub brake on it (but it luckily has a band brake to)

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    You can always add a disc caliper to the sprocket or go with a sproket drum set up. Some of my bikes will have both so the scrub can be a back up.

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