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    Mini chopper wiring diagram

    Looking for help on a wiring diagram for a mini chopper. It is a chinese HL2000 (very similiar to FY2000HD).

    I already know that some frown upon the chinese choppers but i'm a novice and purchased this unknowingly. Besides that fact I like the size and shape of the bike and it appears to be a great project for my son and I.

    Clueless on anything electrical so I'm looking for some diagram that will explain the wiring and what exactly some of the electrical parts are. Bike has electric start, headlight, tail lights, blinkers, etc.

    Some wiring has been cut. Not sure what wires actually go to battery either.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Can someone at least tell me what wires go to the battery terminals?

    I also have a keyswitch with a connector on it but do not see where this is supposed to go to. I'm pretty sure the other connector is gone and was wondering what this keyswitch is supposed to be wired to.

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