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    Question mini bike snow tracks?

    I have a buddy that ice fishes and is looking to build a vehicle he can lift by himself and travel on snow... He showed me pics from russia where they sell basically a two piece bike(easy to transport) with a ski to steer and one track set up to push.
    Any ideas????

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    Sounds like a Chrysler Snow Runner.. But I don't know about just carrying it around.. My buddy Doug who I got the Roadster and Coleman from used to have one out back about 1/2 missing that was pretty well the same thing, only like 1/2 the size and structural integrity.. More of the Chinese Snow Runner wanna be weed whacker type unit.. It was pretty cool and I thought of getting it but it looked like a mess and it got junked I think..

    I've heard they are a real SOB to drive.. Better off driving them drunk in circles on a large open area.. I would maybe go the (antique walk behind tracor) aproach with a Sulki or Sled to pull behind it.. Real small light weight plastic lawn mower tires with screws in them type of home made thing.. A briggs 5 horse geared for 9 on a 53 pound walk behind ice tractor

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    follow my advice at your own risk.... south Florida
    I used to work on gravely 2wheeled tractors they are awesome and really heavy

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    there is a snowmobile museum in newton new jersey, about an hour from brooklyn, they have minibikes there with a ski for the front tire, and trac where the rear tire is, I took a picture of it but unfortunately, it doesnt really show the track to good! but you could go there and copy it if ya wanted

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    like TRK said, just get a snorunner

    or one of these?


    or you could make your own like smallbikes did I think delray is making one also this winter?

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    i think we will probably go three wheeled with chains. my buddy is very heavy and wants to bring fishing equipment back and forth with it. alot of gear reduction should get him going in the snow. he has a walking snow blower with a B/S 5hp on it, that might be his starting point.

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    sounds like a fun project good luck

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