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Thread: Clutch bolt

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    Clutch bolt

    Hello all, I have a tecumseh engine, H35 45281h, it is a 3.5 motor from a snowblower. I'm using it on my minibike. I installed a new clutch, 3/4" Hole #35 chain with 12 teeth, and wanted to add the outer bolt that holds on the clutch but can't seem to find one to fit. I was told that the two clutch hex screws one on the keyway and the other that tightens on the shaft is sufficient. Is this true? Also I was told that the shaft may have not been bored. If not is there any way to do it? If it is bored, I would like to add the bolt but none on my bolts at home seem to fit. Is this a special bolt? I searched the net and can't seem to find an answer. Any help would be appreciated.

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    you were told it may have not been bored, but you cant find a bolt to fit it. One of these statements are false if you have the engine in front of you. Am I reading this wrong?

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    The shaft does have visible threads, but I'm going by what was told to me. Being that it was from a snowblower and didn't originally have a clutch. It looks like threads are there. I don't know how deep though.

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    its most likley a fine thread bolt I can't remember the size.

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    5/16 by 28tpi? i think it is its a really fine thread . the 2 set screws will hold a clutch just fine . with the key in there and the screws tight it wont move . i ran mine for years and years no problems just check that there tight every so often .

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    if it has threads, it's probably all good. try 5/16-24

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    take the engine to the hardware store with you and find a bolt that fits.

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    Vaughn, Most of the time when threads are filled with grease and grime it looks like there is almost no thread left when in fact a good set of threads is still present. Get a spray can of brake cleaner and a brass wire brush; the cylindrical kind that they use to clean the bore of rifles; and go to work on cleaning out the threads in the end of your crankshaft. You can even chuck the brush in a hand drill and spin it slowly while adding a little brake cleaner as you go. If you've got threads left; you'll definitely see them. Then go to the hardware store and get yourself two bolts. A 1/4-28NF, a 5/16-24NF. One of them should thread into the end of your crankshaft. If it threads in easily then you're home free. If it threads in but sticks here and there then you may have to buy a ($3.00) tap of the corresponding size and clean up the threads. After that, mount your clutch, clean out the set screw holes with brake cleaner, add a drop of blue loctite to each and tighten them down, then use the same procedure with the bolt in the end of the shaft and let everything sit overnight. That gives the loctite time to set up. You'll be good to go and should have no problems with the clutch staying on. Good luck. Ogy

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    5/16" 24 tpi NF x 1" depth is the common bolt size for 3/4" crankshafts...

    You'll need a fender washer also...or just buy one of these billet retainers from ebay.
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