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    "DMP" mini bike?

    Hello, i've had this little bike for a few years now and no one seems to have ever heard of the brand name "dmp". HELP, any-one, any knowledge of this company or even how old might this bike be? A local small engines guy who's been in the bus. for many years claims to have worked on a chain-saw once but has never heard of the company since... and that was long ago. I think it is basically stock as the tank is fitted perfectly for the frame etc. Only says "dmp" on the gas tank and is powered by a 5.0 hrsp tecumseh. ??????? Thanks for any words you may have on this bike.Attachment 378

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    DMP bike?

    An "mtd"? Sorry am unfamiliar with most bikes other than the "rupp", Any idea how old it might be and does the 5 horse tecumseh date it at all? Thanks for any response.

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    If you want to post the model and serial number from the engine, several of us can tell you exactly what day it left the production line...

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    DMP was used by Delhi Metal Products,Ontario,Canada.
    Just something for you to chew on.

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    Mac you are right about Delhi Metal Products. My Dad used to work for them in the mid 70's. I'd love to have this mini bike. My Dad sold them and we had a couple of them.

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    What ever it is, Me Like! Very cool and looks like a nice rider.

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