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    Check out what I found as possibly the largest motorcycle junkyard ever...

    This weekend I stopped by All Bikes in Rye,’s a motorcycle junkyard, but I think the appropriate name should be “motorcycle museum graveyard” is more fitting, a place where bikes go to die.

    The reason I say this is because the guy who owns the place, Ron, is emotionally attached to every piece of rust in the place. We all have our attachments to our stuff, but this guy is off the charts, I’m not the only one who thinks this.

    “I think it is sad that this guy holds all of this stuff hostage. I know that there are people out there that see big dollar signs in this pile of chaos but there are also people that appreciate and respect the stuff kept imprisoned by this guy. It is obvious he does it out of spite. I know people that have tried to buy stuff from him for good money. They were trying to get there childhood bike back and he would not budge. How can you call it a museum? It is just disrespect to history. -Mike”

    “I don't know. I was there to look around and talk to the old guy Ron. He loves to talk about motorcycles and I think he does so every day to as many people as possible. I don't think he likes to sell his prized possessions, his prices are too high and stuff is just getting weather deteriorated. I think he just likes being out there with his collection and talking to people and rebuilding bikes. Actually I was going to say he is a "hoarder," but I'm trying to be polite. -ward26102”

    Two good blog posts worth reading here and here.

    I went to move a motorcycle gas tank off the back of a minibike so I could get a better look at it and Ron bit my head with, “Hey don’t be moving stuff, it may not have value to you but it has value to me!” I thought for a moment I was back in kindergarten.

    If you ever plan on trying to buy anything from this guy, be prepared to be disappointed unless you’re willing to part with a stack of cash and a few pack mules or a crane to get your minibike out of that place. I’m not kidding, it’s treacherous!

    OK, I found one guy who's bought something from this place. Here

    Anyways, I got the best photos I could get despite everything being stacked on top of each other, so I thought I’d share them with community. Enjoy!!

    Here’s a short video from youtube:

    *Here's a good VIDEO of the owner Ron at All Bikes in Rye Arizona

    Visit my Album HERE for more photos and leave a comment under the picture if you can identify any of these mini bikes.

    Visit my Album HERE for more photos and leave a comment under the picture if you can identify any of these mini bikes.

    Here's a couple of links to a good article about the place:
    Tucson Bike Lawyer Blog Archive All Bikes of Rye, Arizona
    ALL BIKES AZ | A RYE SENSE OF HUMOR The Selvedge Yard All Bikes in Rye Az
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    I see a little of everything in there, it's almost a shame! But he does actually sell stuff?
    Its the members that make OMB, a great place!

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    That guy will hoard it till he passes away than the family will sell it for pennies on the dollar. Don't know if anyone remembers the guy who hoarded Chevy parts (Hot Rod Magazine) but when he passed away he had trailers loaded with Chevy parts never touched, motors even some Camaro's. We have a few motorcycle salvage yards near us but they won't let you browse you tell them what you need and they go look. I guess thats why I like pull-a-part so much you browse look and pull.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neck View Post
    I see a little of everything in there, it's almost a shame! But he does actually sell stuff?
    Not that I know of, there was a couple of guys trying to sell him something out of their car.

    As far as I know this stuff has been there for well over 40 years and hasn't changed much. He might get the occasional sucker to buy something (sorry if I offended anyone by saying this). That's all that I know.

    I think the only way anyone's going to get a good deal out of this guy is during the estate auction.

    **Now that I think about it, maybe I need to be dealing with his wife or daughter, maybe their a little less attached?
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    Eff chowder heads like this.
    Give them no time or attention.

    Like my Father in Law the Preacher said "I never saw a U-Haul being pulled by a Hearse"

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    Remember the Chevy guy. His collection was incredible. Especially the 302 motors.

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    This got me thinking...You guys tell me...
    How does a person acquire so many motorcycles? Does he buy them from yard sales? Donated? Where the heck did he get them all?

    If YOU wanted to acquire a small collection, how would you go about doing it?

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    i would love to spend a day in there.. If he was selling of course..

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    Maybe I'll go back with a video camera, then make a nice video. So that everyone can "experience" it all and Ron of course!

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    I have been there a few times. like the OP stated nothing is for sale, or is way over priced.. but still fun to walk through..

    ALL BIKES in RYE AZ and orangecones Photo Gallery by Jeffrey Lewis Knapp at

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