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    Quick throttle question

    I have a mud motor kit I put together with a Predator 420cc. The throttle lever they give you sucks quite a bit. I tried using a brake lever as a throttle and it didnt have enough throw.

    Do the dirtbike or minibike twist throttles have enough throw for the throttle on this motor? I know everyone uses them on the 6.5 hp and smaller motors, but I dont have a smaller motor to compare throttles to.

    And pics and video of the mud motor will come tonight or tomorrow.

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    Can you shorten up the attachment point on the lever or carb...???? make it open up faster.

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    I will check the carb tomorrow night. The throttle they give with the kit works ok as far as getting to full throttle, but it isnt very user friendly when it comes down to use.

    As far as the thumb throttle goes, it wouldnt be very practical, and as soon as I get off work and post pictures you will see why. I do appreciate the input though.

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    This picture doesn't show the throttle, but if you had the handle in your right hand the throttle is behind your hand.

    A twist grip won't fit this handle, however after taking it out a few times, I am making an "S" shaped handle out of 1" tube to raise the grip height a bit, so it is easier on the back wile driving standing up in shallow water.
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    how did you mount the engine to make it an outboard? thats so cool

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    There is a gimble bracket that comes with the sps kit.

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