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    It still isn't running. I put all of the stock components back on and the factory jet. It will run great at WOT for 10-15 seconds and fall on its face. You can't catch it and bring it back to an idle, it just dies.

    Still runs fine with no load at home at all rpms, although it starts hunting at about 3/4 throttle.

    I am assuming the small jet under the idle adjustment screw is the idle control circuit? If so I took it completely out and ran it, and blew the jet out with no better results.

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    check fuel supply, make sure you getting fuel to the bowl, then check the needle and seat and make sure its not plugged, partially and moving/operating freely. check the low speed jet, check main jet and emulsion tube and make sure all the holes on the tube are open and not plugged, make sure its clean and then get it running, check plug to see how its running, richen as needed

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    figured it out. I was assuming it wasn't getting fuel. I had checked the line and fuel filter back in the spring, even sprayed it with carb cleaner, so of course I thought "I did that already". For the fun of it I took the line off the carb today and was getting a dribble. Took the in tank fuel filter out, tried blowing through it and I was turning red trying. Cut that filter off the barb and ran it. BINGO! Ran like a champ.

    Now I am going to just put an inline on it that is easily changed and disposable. I feel like an idiot for not checking it (again) sooner, or trying to blow through it in the spring.

    Thanks for everyones help, Now maybe I can put my go fast parts on and get it dialed in.

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    Funny how it's just those STUPID little things that give you all sorts of headaches & are more infuriating than the big problems.

    For a long time, I couldn't figure out why my little horse n' a half Clinton wouldn't get fuel AT ALL. Like nothing, not a friggin' drop.

    Wanna know what it was? Carb needle had this teeny, tiny, barely feelable barb on the nose (the previous Bubba-Jim must have dinged it). Spun it up in a drill with crocus paper, re-installed, and voila. Started second pull.

    I make it a practice to remove those dinky in-tank screens. It just prevents headaches.

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    Yeah, I really should have put something better on it from the start. Especially since I'm out on the river and can't walk home

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