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    How do i install this kill switch into my 6.5hp harbor freight engine?

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    Try the search function up top for the phrase "kill switch". In the meantime, heres' some reading material.

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    Somewhere there should be a wire that connects to the ignition coil, then runs out to the open area where all the wiring is.. When THAT wire is grounded out, it kills the spark.. so find your original shut off switch, and just attach the wire from your new switch, to the old switch, or into that coil wire some where.. If you look at the system you should be able to figure out how it's all working... When the switch is turned on, there is NO CONTINUITY so the engine runs.. shut the switch off it makes contact and grounds out your spark... You just need to figure out what wire you are grounding to kill the engine.. it should be half hidden under your blower cover somewhere..

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    Run one wire from the coil to your left handgrip, and leave about 3" bare wire. Next you'll need to run another wire to a ground, (like a motor-mount or something) than up to your right handgrip, leaving another 3" of bare wire. When you want to stop the motor, grip both wires firmly and motor will shut off. its a great "invisible" kill switch that all the cool kids are doing these days!!
    Now that Ive wasted everyones time and posting space...please refer to above replies!
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