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    420 charging/lighting coil

    I've been trying to find affordable parts to upgrade my electrical system to make it capable of running lights and keep the battery charged. Prices I've found so far put the cost of the stator coil, flywheel, and rectifier/regulator at $430. That's more than $100 more than I spent on the engine new. The engine came with electric start and a 3 amp charging system. Do I need to replace the current flywheel? Also, does anyone know where I can find cheaper (alot cheaper) parts to accomplish this?

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    From my research, the different amp charging systems just have different stators (more spots for windings to get passed by the flywheel magnets). Say your 3 amp system has 2 spots on the stator, the 6 amp would have 4 spots. So I think you would just need to buy the stator, and use the rest of your parts.



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