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    Mini Bike in Dumb and Dumber?

    Forgive me if this has been asked before, but I tried a search and came up with zilch. Anybody have any clue as to what kind of minibike the characters Harry and Lloyd rode in Dumb and Dumber? As my interest in these bikes grows, I can't help but wonder what the make and model of each one I come across may be, especially as they get older...

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    I am surprised some scam artist hasnt attempted to sell the bike claimed to be from the movie. Anyone interested in it???? I have it for sale.....NOT....LOL

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    dont know for sure what it is but it looks very much like one i have which is a late 60's trail horse!

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    You can see the mini bike here in this vid.

    At 4:50 on the counter you can get a nice side shot of it.
    And theres other shots where you can see good side shots of it.

    Looks to be a Basic early hard tail frame that been modified with sissy bar and what looks to be big gussets on the bottom turn on the main frame.

    Maybe they just Built it in a production house.

    Bulltaco's Bird bikes and Atlas' look kinda like that bike..

    Looks cool though!!



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