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    wheels and tires, live axle setup, steering for go kart

    hey guys i have a live axle set up for a mini, everything is here except for a sprocket mount.

    includes 1 1/4 axle, bearings and bearing blocks, tire&wheel, hub, brake rotor.

    13.00-4.00-6 tire size
    stainless steel 2 piece rim

    make reasonable offer

    i have 2 of these setups.

    also have 2 tires and wheels as pictured same as the one in the kit above
    13.00-4.00-6 on stainless steel 2 piece rims.

    also have the steering for a go kart hubs, spindles, tie rods.

    got 2 more bearings and pillar blocks like the one in the picture for 1 1/4 axle

    please make reasonable offer on all.

    willing to trade for racing parts for Honda or Briggs also tillotson carbs.
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    come on guys make me some offers.

    what u got to trade ?



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