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    Sears Roper Fork

    I have what i have been told is a Sears Roper. The front fork where the springs are is bent. I was thinking of fabbing up my own replacements but if someone has some for sale that would be cool. Here is a pic incase that isnt what i really have


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    This frame has some SERIOUS structural problems (besides the forks)- does anybody else see it?
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    o ya i know it is missing the tubes that go down from behind the seat to the frame. I already plan on fixing that whoever put this engine on it i guess didn't think they were necessary. If there is something else i over looked please let me know

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    You got it. That "modification" done by the previous ownersignificantly compromised the structural integrity (and SAFETY) of the frame!
    RE: Bent forks
    If you cannot locate new forks,there are members on this forum talented enough to repair your existing forks. (I've seen some absolutely AMAZING before and after photos posted here!)I would suggest posting some good photos of the forks at different angles and some close ups and placing a "wanted ad" for repairs.
    Sidebar: If the $$ is in the budget, get yourself a 2-speed jack shaft setup for that Roper. The resulting performance is well worth it. (WE have one, soon to be TWO) The Sears Roper bikes are one of the most comfortable bikes to ride, even for a big guy. (I'm 6'1" 285 lbs.)

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    pm sent

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    Found a completely new frame if a mod wants to close this thread feel free

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