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    Alsport Tri-sport

    Hey anyone, I purchased what was supposed to be a Rupp via craigslist sight unseen. I knew I had to act quick and for 300.00, I did not think I could go too wrong. Well, I picked it up yesterday and it is an Alsport. It looks to be a big one with a 2cylinder two stroke. I cannot tell if it is the original motor and the exhaust has been modified or the original exhaust and the motor has been modified. It is pretty rough but has all the potential. They used to ride it but has not been run for 2 years. It has the original headlight, key switch(no key), hyd brakes (no lines) and everything else looks okay. I hope the motor is original. I bought a manual and parts list on ebay last night. Hopefully it will tell me what I have. In the mean time, does anyone have any words of wisdom on identification, part sources, value or some spare verbal abuse for the new guy? I will get pictures up as soon as I unload it. It is a snowstorm here today. Thanks for any help. I have read all the forums and viewed pictures, I dont see too much on them on the internet. Any help would be great. Thanks Again.

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    More on the Alsport Tri-sport

    Just in case anybody gets to respond. The alsport I have has a 433cc Yamaha motor. Is that what they put in them? I will put pics on later. Thanks.

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    Well what you have if it had a key should be a Tri-Sport RTS . As for engines they came with three engines one was a Tecumseh 16 HP 4 stroke a real thumper when at idle you were being tortured by noise and vibration. The other engines were Kohler 290 and 340 air cooled snowmobile engines. and a select few came with the Kohler 440 cc engine.
    Take a look in my photo album's and you will see lots of tri Sports. I was a dealer in Long Beach , California

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    Thanks Steve

    My Alsport has the 440 engine but after close looking it is a yamaha. Evidently was repowered. How bad does that hurt the value? On your photos of RTS 440, I could not see the disc brake. Did all of the trisports have them?

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    When we first became a dealer the brakes were just band type brakes and totally inefficient at the speeds we were reaching even with the 14 Hp JLO engines . The first Hydraulic Disc trikes came with a jack shaft mounted Kelsey Hays single piston floating caliper and it worked great but put a ton of stress on the # 40 chain. All the Street Legal RTS units came with a pair of Borg Warner 100 series floating single piston calipers one on each axle running 8 inch disc's. On my Blue Street Legal I went to 10 inch wheels and eventually changed over to twin piston Wildwood calipers and 10 inch Martin disc and billet hubs. Worked much better. As for your Yamaha engine in the Tri- Sport it depends on your goal if it is just for you to ride and have fun stay with it. the Tri-Sport is not that rare of a machine to justify restoring to a high state of exact parts and factory spec's. Find your camera and put up some pictures . Steve

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    Hello all! I have a 340 tri-sport & also need some brakes. Any ideas? Please advise, trikes-r-cool!!!

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    Does anybody have any parts for the tri-sport street legal models? Help, trikes-r-cool!!

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    I sure hope i am doing this correct. Trikes-r-cool!!

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    TRIKES-R-Cool : I know I always think they are cool and I am known by the handle ( I Dream of trikes ) so a lot of people just call me " Dream " but I bet some call me Nightmare LOL.
    I speak fluent Tri-Sport, Rupp Centaur and Dunecycle just to name a few. here to help in any way. Steve

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    steve, need help finding clutches

    Hello, I just signed up after finding there was post's here about Alsports:) I have a few Alsports I have 2 of the utility trucks a RTS8 and will be picking up a TS-130 shortly and when I was 14 I had a RTS sl Im thinking thats where I caught the Alsport Bug . It was either that or the fact I live in Norwalk, Ohio?? Anyways my RTS8 was retro fitted with a 340cc ccw engine, I was told they used the same size shaft that the 340cc Kohler used on the alsport sl would you know where i can get a set ? Im also looking for a roll bar and head rest for the rts8 and ts-130. And finally im looking for a mastercylindar for one of my utility trucks. Thanks for anyhelp you can give.

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