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    Talking Just bought a Heald Super Trike!!

    Just picked up this Heald Super Trike, but DAMN these things are big!! Dont think I'll keep this baby, She dont even fit in the back of the truck! Probably get her running and spin a few brodies in the field then send her on her way. If I had more room I'd keep it but oh well. At least I get to say I had one right

    She's got a 10hp electric start briggs, the tires are all good and hold air and the chrome fenders are in pretty good shape so I just couldnt pass it up.

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    Cool, someone was just asking about one of those.

    Need to post better pic's of how the rear is hooked up.

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    some guys are sooooo luckey

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    *sigh* spambots...

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    nice boondocks1953 ,there kind of hard to find. kind of a funny story on that three wheel. one night at work i was locking up the engineer building and i seen some of are display equipment paint silver for a show coming up and guess what i see. three super bronc fenders hanging there too? so the next day(parts are gone) i walk into the engineers and said who's got the super bronc. you couldn't believe the look i got on one of the guys face. it was all good..........

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    Believe it or not this was just sitting out in front of a guys house. He had it lined up with two old tractors (a simplicity and a homelite) an old cushman truckster and a wicked cool old Metro delivery panel van. He had allready sold the Metro and the cushman. He told me he just brings stuff out of his barn and lines it up to see if anyone wants to buy it, no for sale signs or anything! I just happened to be cruising home from dinner and saw the trike sitting in the row, no one was home so I left a note and he called me back that night. I figured a guy with that much stuff probably would want a big price, since there was no for sale sign I figured it was one of those if you gotta ask the price you cant afford it situations...he said he figured it was worth $200 and I just couldnt help but agree with him He actually bought it in a group of trikes and showed me the dump truck heald he was keeping that was even equipped with a reverse tranny that he restored, it was sweet!!

    GTO I will get some more picks. The suspension is wierd, the bike actually pivots in the center, the shocks are behind the seat and are used to pull the bike back up so the frame is straight. Seems to work ok though.

    Thanks Wayne.

    Take it easy everyone!!
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    Hard to believe, two Super Trykes changed hands the same weekend! And in the same condition. I bought one out of Bay City, Mi. Friday. It is a STX, has reverse and a differential. Pics are in My Photos

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    useng, your trike looks a little better than mine, nice find! Reverse to BONUS!

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    I've got a Super Tryke too, I bought it last year at a farm auction. Mine has a speedo and it only has 300 miles on it!! only problem is that was prolly put on in the first month or so, then it sat OUTSIDE for years until I bought it. Never underestimate the power of neglect.
    It has a JLO Rockwell engine on it, (like what came on some old snowmobiles, rupps, hirth, etc.) and the only info I've found is they came with B&S motors only, the biggest being a 16HP V-twin. BUT there is a guy in St. Louis that saw mine and says a few DID come with the JLO motors. He claims to have 9 Super Trykes, and of those 6 have the JLO motor. Anyone else see this set up

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    i just bought picked one up for a $20 tim hortons gift card

    it had been sitting outside for the last 8 years. it has the JL0 motor on it but it is seized and i am wondering what motors will bolt in place?

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