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Thread: Very mini Van

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    Very mini Van

    hello everyone out there in minibike land i just wanted to share with you all something that i picked up this weekend its a go kart with a fiberglass van body thing fired up on the first pull im gonna do a restomod on it i have the photos in my album i tried to post pictures in this topic but was having a lot of trouble doing so and yes i did read the sticky on how to post pictures im just having one of those days anyway if anyone has any info on the company that made it that would be cool i tried finding some info but came up empty thanks

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    I figured out how to post up pics

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    you need to put "free candy" on the sides and ride around.

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    You should make it into "The A-Team Van" - Mr.T Would be proud

    Quote Originally Posted by Strigoi View Post
    you need to put "free candy" on the sides and ride around.
    Haha! Raper-van.

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    Yeah thats what I told my sons And they said A-Team What and MR-T who so I guess I mighty do The Scooby Doo Mystery Machine Instead I just got my H-F coupon in in the mail for $99. bucks thats the first place im going tomorrow

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    just paint "free candy!" on the side of it!

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    cool mini van.
    the A team paint job would be nice.

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    Hey, Lancaster is my Buying area! Where did you find it? Was it at auction? What are you going to do with the old briggs that's on it, if your going to put a clone on it? I maybe interested in the briggs? Cool find, very cool. It's VAN-TASTIC!

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    I like how the steering wheel is on the right side.

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