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    What is your four wheeler make and model?

    Four wheelers have more then two wheels, and I like four wheelers a lot. Post your kind of four wheelers if you have one.

    Honda Rancher 350

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    Kawasaki 300 bayou 4X4 its my deer dragger.

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    The snow is all turning into mud, and I was cleaning out the barn already... So decided to drag mine out today.. Had to tip it all the way onto it's side to run the gas into the carb.. Made it to the end of the driveway in the mud, ran out of gas.. Did it again, turned around and drove it back to the barn.. It needs gas in it.. I put the headlight back in though. [IMG][/IMG]

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    iv got a mid 90's kawasaki mojave 4 wheeler its really pieced together but its fun. But i mostly ride my kawi 250 klt 3 wheeler its in great shape and goes anywhere

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    WHERE in the hell did you come up with that 3 wheeler? That has GOT TO be about the nicest one of those bikes on the planet.. not to mention about the ONLY one... Homer had a damn nice one of the green blue trim real tank 4 stroker comon jobber..

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    I got it from a coworker of mine for 50$! He smoked the starter and it needed a battery. He didnt like the fact that it doesnt have a pull start. The reason he smoked the starter is because the fuel pump is kinda crappy and it bleeds down if you dont run it for a while so it wasnt picking up fuel. He got it from his brother for nothing on long island who got it from the original owner who had noplace to ride it and it just sat in his shed forever. But i did a bunch for him in the past is why he gave me a good deal. I did an engine swap in his 4 wheeler and fitted a spare 8hp i had on a gocart he got. So anyway iv only got like 250$ in it. And my parents like it too they take it up in the woods and do chores with it so it gets good use

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    Honda 300 4x4 for the trail. And my little mini quad for the back yard.

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    I use to have a 87 Yamaha Banshee 350 all hop up back in the day. Had it for 8 years, one of the things I sold to buy a house in the 90's.

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