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    Metro Recreational Vehicle/3 wheel Trapper

    I need some help finding out exactly what I have. I have attached a picture of a 3 wheel version of the Trapper mini bike. I bought this years ago and it has only been taken out and ridden a few times. The front tire is as close to new as you can find, it is off an El Burro I had. It has a Tecumseh AH817MB. Any info on this would be great.

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    it is a trapper i dont think it started life as a 3 wheeler but real cool looking

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    Metro Recreational Vehicle/3 wheel Trapper

    I got it out today and took some updated pictures. This is a Metro Recrational Vehicle made in Taylor Michigan. It was called Wheels & Trails. It has a fairly high serial number in the mid 1400's. The rear tire was put on another project while I work on it. I looked at my Trapper also and found it was made in Dearborn Hts, Michigan. Any info would be helpful.

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    Three wheeled Trapper's were called the "Easy Rider" in 1971. Retailed for $395 and came with fiberglass bodies painted red, white and blue. Wrong rear wheels on yours. I have an ad somewhere and if I can find it I will post it.

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    trapper minibikes where really into fiberglass body parts

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    wow, that is really funky and cool, looks like a good winter mini bike.

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    That's my bike.

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    Hello Sir, I just purchased a Trapper Trail Bike for $50. Cash. It is missing the Engine/Fiberglass Fender/Fuel Tank. The guy that I bought it from said that he had the parts but as soon as he found them that he would give them to me. Really cool 60's Fat Tire mini bike! VW Nut.

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    love it

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    old school!!!!

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