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    Barn find Gilson Kart

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    Those are pretty Kool! A buddy of mine owns this one

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    Wow, that is a nice one.

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    STOP!!! Posting that stuff.....

    I'm supposed to be fighting my addiction(s).....

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    That green color is so awesome. My wife had our kitchen painted that color.

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    Pretty neat, a tub style or "monocoque" construction........... no frame per se. In sports racing cars in the 1960's building cars with an aluminum skin/tub was brand new technology.

    Cool cart, i'd love to get my hands on one at a price I could afford.

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    Here is some History on that Kart!

    1962 Go Kart History

    This is a rare professional custom built kart. It was the centerfold in Karting World magazine November 1962 If you look very close, you will see the workmanship is unmatched!! This was built by my grandfather Walter Giese he was unmatched in his field of machine work gunsmith, inventor and car builder. He designed parts for STP Indy cars, he invented, designed and built the first starting gate for harness racing! Displaying it on tv with Pat Boone. He built guns for royalty around the world also was a dealer for several kart company's in the 50s and 60s! Had one of the best Go Kart tracks in the country!

    This kart is an example of his workmanship. Just look how the steering is ran and brake and throttle cables are hidden and tucked inside frame. After 50 years you can touch the brakes and it stops on a dime!! This kart was only raced 1 or 2 times then put back on the showroom at his dealership until he died in 1996. I then inhered it and put it up in my garage exactly like it was, just a couple minor marks in the paint from things bumping against it with no rust.

    Its very fast, it has twin West Bend 700 motors. This is a very rare and unique all original vintage Go Kart. It should be displayed in a museum. We are offering it for sale so it can be appreciated by a true and serious collector. The kart has been in our family for over 50 yrs! I am hoping it goes to a good home to be enjoyed for many more years to come! Sincerely, Larry Giese

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    one more picture for you guys to look at.....
    found this one on craigslist. guy was looking for one.

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    i know whos that is....

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