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    God,I feel lazy. You're working outside in that cold. Brrrrr..
    I am fussing and it's in the upper 50's.
    Nice project. Sure want one of these someday.

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    Hiya Rollerman and MNGB, I went through the 3 wheeler ( l guess its a Mark3 Hauler) and it handles really nice, I had to do extensive work on the front steering (needle bearing) housing as the bearing had failed and wore into the bearing housing, had to get a new piece of tube that was the exact dimension from Ron kimball, then I had to weld it on and it distorted as expected so I had to ream it out with an adjustable reamer from Enco. I have to tell you I love every Heald I have and I have all 3 now, a Hauler, Super Tryke and Super Bronc...the Tryke and Hauler needed alot of work but it was well worth it. Rollerman those Horizontal Briggs Twins are hard to find, I had to overhaul one of mine and the one the one that came in the SuperTryke was aluminum and the cylinders scored up badly. The Briggs twin that came in the Hauler needed to be re-ringed and I did that, it runs great and had cast iron sleeves

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    Hi Rollerman, how are you coming with the Heald 4 wheel Hauler, any updates progress to report, just curious.
    GB in MN

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