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    The most bad ass Four Wheeler ever


    But I will ride it for a while. Just picked it up, 1986 fourtrax 200.

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    Nice! Those are a lot of fun! Other than the small tears in the seat, that thing looks cherry.

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    long island new york
    Ive been looking for a quad, would you mind if i asked what you payed for it?

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    I haven't seen one of those forever. I had a 87 250 for a long time. Great little bike.

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    OH man those things are great.. Kinda rough riders compared to suspened bikes maybe, but they'll go forever.. I had a HELL OF NICE one that I traded a guy for that Bird Turgalar kart that I had.. I mean NOICE!! I guess it was dudes dads machine forever, he got it, used it for a winter or two pulling the kids around on sleds.. Musta flipped it once or twice.. BIG ole guy, blew the shifting fork rite OUT of it..

    He wasn't a mechanic and took it to the shop for repairs.. Chains sprockets bearings all like NEW!!

    Original matching tires, OH SO nice.. Looks like it was super great, then dude got it and banged it up a little, but MAN it was a nice one...

    Sold it to a buddy, they fixed the tranny and shipped it to the auction.. Only brought like 450 or something?? wasn't a lot... They aren't a really high dollar model anyways.. but it HAD TO be a 700 dollar ride I would say.. It was really clean and tight and rite.. Someone got a deal on it, it was a damn good little putt putt bike..

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    Put some new tires and wheels on the back. Bad pictures, they are all snowy and muddy. But my boy has a blast on this with me, he plays with the lights most of the time we are riding, and occasionally pushes the thumb throttle more to go faster. Gotta be careful, pulled into my driveway behind my car and he pushed the thumb throttle all the way, good thing I had kicked it down to neutral

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    That white stuff makes me cold.

    But, that sure would be fun.

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    Nice pics Makes me miss the snow

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    dirty dirty mitten
    Does it go OK? In the snow I should say...

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