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    1975 Montgomery Ward 3-wheeler

    We purchased this new back in 75 and rode it hard for about 10 years (3-10 hours a day nearly every day in the summer).

    After that it was stored in a shed exposed to temperature (northern Illinois).

    It needs total restoration. I have the manual for it and money is not a problem.

    I thought I would introduce myself first but plan to use this fantastic forum for help as we restore this beast. I don't care about originality and would prefer to replace the engine.

    The restoration will be a complete frame off restoration.

    I cannot find ANY information on the internet but I have found some vehicles that are similar.

    It is model number ZCQ-13995B

    Engine is listed as: HMMB80 I believe its a Tecumseh. Most of these bikes had a 5HP motor but I thought this one was a 8.0 or a 8.5HP. I dont have the vehicle in front of me at this time.

    I plan to retrieve this ASAP and would appreciate any and all advice.

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    Welcome. Post some pics, and is the engine bad?? If you're going to replace it, at least use a HM80 or the likes. That thing doesn't deserve any less.

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    Cuda : take a look over in 3 WHeeLeR WoRLD Montgomery Ward T555 there you will see a similar model the T555 and in my photo section there is pictures of mine that is a suspended model that I have yet found a model number or any literature for. Like Jimh said it would be best to keep a nice Tecumseh flat head.
    There is a brand new one on E-bay with electric start and lighting coil.

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    Thanks for the advice guys, I will look at that model number for an engine. My other worry is the differential and centrifugal clutch etc, that whole area. But I will have a better idea once its in front of me.

    The rest of the parts are I am not too worried about (not much else to get!).

    I saw the T555 which was the closest thing to what I have.

    Have you guys ever seen the model I have? I posted a pic of the manual cover.

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    I forgot to mention I would like more power if I could get it. Does any one have a good site showing the desired engine type and the different HP versions I have to choose from? I think it came with the 8HP but could I put on something larger? Will I have issues finding the right pulleys and clutches?

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    The pulleys and clutches should all be pretty standard stuff and easily obtainable. You can even get a new differential if needed. Here's a good source for parts: Go Kart & Mini Bike Parts As for the engine, a more modern higher horsepower engine would probably work great if you're not that interested in originality (some members here would tar and feather me for saying that though). Oh yeah, welcome aboard!

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    Thanks for the link. Seems like it would be much easier to buy a new engine then rebuild a 35 year old one. I am not wealthy but I do have more time then money and can always crate the busted up original.

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    Reverse that, more money then time at the moment.....too tired.

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