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Thread: Sears mini bike

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    Sears mini bike

    New here. Ran across a vintage 4hp sears mini bike by accident and bought if for cheap. A little love later and she's running great. My boy has a blast with it. Found the exact same bike and model at a flea market a few days later. More of a project, missing back wheel and not original motor, but perfect match including color, both original blue. Looks very "70s" to me. How can I better date these machines and what kind of value do they have? Where can I get parts? Thanks for any help, great site.

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    Some minibikes can de dated by enthusiasts knowing when certain design changes took place...

    An original engine serial number can provide exact date of manufacture...

    Parts help is available here at OMB...many of the members swap info on parts availability, and watch sources for hard-to-find stuff, alerting other members when a 'good deal' pops up...

    Usually, all info is easier to get when photos of the bike are posted...

    ...and, welcome to OMB, filmguy...glad you spoke up...share some info and ideas with us...

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    Planning on leaving the first one intact and in original form. The second one we'll break down and clean up. Will be working on getting a motor for it with hopes to put it together and get it operational. Will get some pics and post the progress.

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    I have some sears info pics, send me an email.


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