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Thread: Rupp C350

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    i picked up an hs50 a couple weekends ago for 25$ at the junkyard but after all the work i already put into getting the briggs fixed up i think im going to leave it for now. Im building another bike from scratch that i havnt started a build thread on yet that it will be perfect for

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    Down to the nitty gritty now. Just cables left to do. The worst part imo. I might have to buy a brake handle im not sure if i can get the ones i have to work and look good.

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    Oh and i think i might put the headlight back on that came with it. I think it looks good and i got it wired it up to work off of two 9 volt batterys stuffed inside.

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    That chain guard is very cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by minibikedude View Post
    That chain guard is very cool.
    I think it looks great too . I painted it tan like the frame first and it looked out of place so i went with the silver and it clicked. This is going to be a fun bike i cant wait to get it coverd in mud Man i got soaked last weekend on my cat.

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    now thats a sweet ride. i agree, that is 1 good looking chain gaurd, and i like that exhaust.

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    Yup, definitely looking GOOD man... Nice old Ruppy...

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    Nice and clean! Great job so far, it will be something to be proud of for sure! Kickass chainguard!

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    Looks great. I also really like the way the chain guard came out. You are real close to riding that scoot.

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    Well its done enough to call done! Took it out today for a real good shakedown. It doesnt like the mud lol. Man im so surprized how much power it puts down. Pulls me right up the hills as good or better than my tc bikes . must be the gearing and small tire. The ground clearance is kinda low but i can deal with that. the brake doesnt work for beans hopefully i just have to adjust it better. Im debating weather or not to put the headlight back on it. Now back to work on the track bike a bit hopefully get that finished up.

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