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    Cool Heald Super Bronc Build Off Project

    I didn't know the mini bike bug had bitten until I found this Trail Bronc on Craig's List. I started out on a 3-HP Lil Indian back in the 70's and read Mini Bike magazine religiously. I had always been fascinated with off-road bikes with big ATV tires and a Torque Converter. When I saw the Bronc on Craig's I knew this was my dream project.

    The Mini Bike Gods must have been on my side cause the next thing I knew I was unloading the bike at my In-laws house. Everybody busted out laughing with joy when they saw what I brought home. It can't help but bring a smile to your face. My 12-year old nephew thought it was cool and had me push him up and down the driveway for a test drive. Looks like I've enlisted my second mechanic.

    My goal is to completely restore the bike cosmetically and mechanically. The Engine is shot, the Torque Converter is missing, the rear tire is flat and every surface that isn't covered with faded red paint is covered in rust. The good news is the frame is straight, the Seat, Shocks and Fenders are in surprisingly good condition and the bike is otherwise complete.

    My plan is to strip it down, Sand Blast and Powder Coat the Frame (still contemplating color schemes), replace the engine with a 10-HP Flat Head Tecumseh, put a Comet Torque Converter on it and return it to it's former glory.

    As this is my first Mini Bike project in 25-years, I'm sure I'll fall into my usual "one step forward, two steps back" project style. Hey, figuring it out as go will be half the fun.

    So anyway as I sit here staring at the thing as if it were a piece of metal sculpture, I realize I've probably gotten myself into some of the best therapy money can buy.

    I'll keep ya'll posted as I progress.

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    Nice lookin bronc! keep us posted w pics


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    those fat bikes are PHAT!! great project bike.

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    what are you gonna do with the old engine

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    yea, how is the engine "SHOT"?

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    Cool Engine Status

    Thanks for great response. I've got the bike disassembled now. I will post some shots of ther components.

    The engine seems to have very low compression. The pull starter is missing. Grabbing the PTO Shaft I can turn the engine over very easily by hand. I compared this to another engine I have and the difference was noticable. Any suggestions?

    Yes, I'd be into selling the engine whole or as parts. It's a Tecumseh HM8. 8-HP, I beleive. The carb, flywheel, etc. are all there. What's a fair offer? I live in Los Angeles.

    Also, I will possibly have a brand new 9-HP Tecumseh OHV Enduro engine for sale soon. Unfortunately the OHV makes it too tall to fit in this bike.

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    If your thinking about a color, My father had bought 2 Trailbronc's and a Tryke. And has had them all not working except for the 10 horse.

    I've ridden the 1968 10 horse since I was 11 and I'm now 18.

    But this summer, me and a couple of my buddies peeled apart the old 8 horse. Fully repainted, got the seats redone. And put a brand new Tecumseh 10 horse on it. Last month when we got it done for a motorcycle swap meet we ordered the linkage for the throttle. I am currently on hold with OUTDOORDISTRIBUTORS.COM wondering why it's been a month for my parts to come in.
    I'll take some pictures to show you how I redid mine if you'd like.
    We went with a Hammered silver color. Got the inspiration for the roll cage on my brothers Mustang.

    Broncs are the best.

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    looking for parts

    I have a super bronc 8hp and i'm looking for the comet torque coverter assembly which includes the bracket w brake assembly.
    If anyone can help email me ;,

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    Nice find, You should rebuild the engine, Or at least check it out before getting ride of it. If all it needs is new piston and rings go for it.

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    Nice bike those ant cheap!

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