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    Tecumseh OHV 6.5 Hop ups? Governor Removal?

    A few Years back I got ahold of a brand new Tecumseh 6.5 ohv power sports engine. It was on my Atlas for a bit with exhaust and intake.

    Whats the procedure for removing the Governor on these engines? Also is there any other hop ups I Can do to it?

    I Would just trade it off for a Lifan Clone and do the standard mods but the lifan clone wont fit in the particular frame I want to use.

    So I'd like to use this new tecumseh but make it a hot rod..


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    You can contact this fellow, batman as he likes to go by

    Batman hop-up kit from DARE motorsports 4-cycle engine hopup kits

    He sells hop up kits for tecumseh OHV engines and flathead tecumseh engines as well.

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    It's pretty self explanitory, once you take the side cover off. I've heard Batman's parts aren't good quality, BUT only from other suppliers. I've talked to him a couple of times. What a character I know a couple of guys who raced carts and they swore by his hop-up parts.



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