with the exception of a seat, your actually getting 2 of these bikes.

Titled frame is a 1971, with CLEAN ORIGINAL Ohio Title, a super cool item in itself as it has JC penny as the seller on it etc.. The title is signed and open so it can be transferred without hassle

The bikes are Benelli hurricane 65cc They are automatic 2 stroke, kick start. The one complete bike is very nice as it sits. It will run,I have not run it on over a year, it did not like to idle and was weak at takeoff, but once rolling its a wheelie popper and I had it registering mid 30's untuned and sucking air.

The other bike is now totally dissasembled, and mostly in storage containers. I had it running before I took it apart. but with a totally gummed carb and who knows how old of fuel it ran poorly.

I have been collecting parts since I bought the first one:

NOS headlight assy
NOS wiring harness
NOS speedometer
NOS Piston
NOS gasket set
NOS decals
NOS quality reproduction decals (and an extra set of OK ones That I got took on off ebay)
extra Near perfect chrome tank
alot of odds and ends

original parts manual, some literature, etc..

This bike is complete as it sits:

overall really nice shape, rear fender is beyond cleanup looks wise, rest of the chrome scrubs up nicely and looks very respectiable/usable. The tank is decent but the chrome is getting thin. Seat is perfect, rear rack is adjustable, tool box is in nice shape. Handlebars fold in and down and seat height is adjustable as well. tires have great tread on them and are not dry.

this is the "parts" bike and has been dissasembled:

other than not cared for storage wise it was in decent complete shape with the exception of crappy painted tank and ripped seat (both got thrown out). My intentions were soley for parts though, This frame is the titled one and would be the base for the rebuild. I saved just about everything unless totally trashed, and boxed it all up . I bought this bike from the original owner that got it when she was 14.

motor off parts bike:

real nice tank:

title, literature:


anyway take 2 make one, sell off the extra parts and get some $$ back. drive on the street legally, be the evny of all your friends, chicks will dig your Luxury Italian minibike, and the seat is big enough to ride 2

Price for all $1000. Figure at least $200 for shipping as its gonna be a few boxes. Don't need money, don't care if I sell it, wont bump the add every day lowering the price etc.. Just offering it up as I simply just don't have time or ambition right now to get to working on it and a few other bikes I will be listing as available.