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What a great outcome. I think it is good for youngsters to get a feel for a vehicle before they get their license. He might be drifting that kart after awhile, hopefully someplace with lots of run-off area.
LOL..... I got a feel for a vehicle long before I got my license.....

My Grandfather had a 1956 Buick Roadmaster. He drove Roadmasters as long as there have been Roadmasters. I was 3... 1960. He would let me stand between his legs and steer. I can remember that big old steering wheel. It was as wide as I could reach. I was driving and he reached down to adjust his shoe. I looked down too....

Guys I can see this as vivid as if it was happening right now.

When I looked down I turned the wheel slightly left... We meet with a mailbox and it rolled up the hood and broke the windshield. He jerked it back up on the road and we went on to the house. We were only going about 25. My Grandmother flew off the handle and called my father at work and told him that I had wrecked the Buick.....

Well you can imagine how much of a revelation that was for my Father with me being only 3. I don't remember anything else about it but I can see my Grandfathers finger in the back of his shoe adjusting it and them BOOM..... I can take you to the very spot and show you the very mail box because I got reminded of it by my Father for lots of years afterward.

Geeese Aston, what a memory you brought back from the dead. Hadn't thought about that in lots of years.

Thanks for stirring that one. It is a fond memory for me. I lost him in 1964.