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  • were excatly did you find the belt. i have know idea how to figure out wat jack shaft to buy, like i said i'm new to trikes.it was gold but someone painted iut black. any ideas how to get it back to origanal color?[IMG] [IMG] [IMG]
    I bought my jackshaft from MFG Supply. The problem is that the belts are getting harder to find. I picked up a few over the winter. I have a few trikes so what I did was to use the same belt on all of them. I had to move the engines forward or back on them but it is worth it to have spares. Once you find the correct belt just type in the google search the part number.(mine is a 203593a) and then you have to call the places.They don't always have them in stock and most sites havent been updated in years.My Owosso Explorer is my favorite trike. It is the most comfortable and cruises the neighborhood nicely. What color is yours? Any pics? Randy
    HELLO.. greg from fairhaven, michigan, just north of detroit
    I just pick up a mini cycle today and was hoping you could tell me more about it

    It's appears to be a FOX, I was told about a 1970.

    50 cc pull start 2 stroke
    snowmobile type clutch
    SAY DESERT FOX on it

    has an earles type leading axle from suspension on it.
    It appear to be 100% all there.. not ragged out.. not beat up, and runs... I bought it on a whim when I was buying a vintage Honda cb750 today. those I know something about.

    who here on the forum is "the "fox guy"

    thanks for any help you can give

    greg long
    fairhaven, mich
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