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    Anyone have this problem?

    Ok that was it. I found ignoring button and found about six people I have been ignoring. They aren’t even the people I would love to ignore on the site ! Not sure what happened but all fixed .
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    Anyone have this problem?

    Maybe I am using the wrong terminology but the thread is the whole line of posts starting with the beginning post. I never knew you could like a complete thread just individual posts.
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    Anyone have this problem?

    I was reading a thread that did not make sense. Everyone was taking about a post I could not see. If I log out of the site it shows up but not if I log in. Of course I can’t see the pictures if I am not logged in. The posting member is Midyrman?
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    Need help from the Bonanza experts.

    Great start!
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    Bonanza MX1310TC

    I stopped by Rogers shop last week. All of the fine tuning is complete on the Torque converter,converter cover,jack shaft and exhaust. More work done on the shroud cover. Waiting on the temperature to warm up so paint can go on the motor, TC cover and some of the shock parts.Also made brackets...
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    Bonanza CR500 Hodaka Chopper Throttle/Cable Question

    I got my cables from Strictly Hodaka.I can get some pictures this week if it’s helpful?
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    Post More Pictures

    Some updates on the bike. New handle bars fabricated and drilled some vent holes for the brake. Relocated pegs from forward to mid. position.
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    Bonanza BC1300 Restomod 20 years later.

    Great stuff. Thanks for all the detail.
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    Happy birthday bigevilone2.....

    Happy Birthday Ed !!!!!
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    How much snow you getting???

    Got 8 inches of powder last night
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    Bonanza MX1310TC

    No issue judging. I looked at both options and based on a lot of pictures of all kinds of bikes my preference was to run it out the left.I really like the look of the BC1300‘s I have seen with the same pipe same side. I think there is already a lot more going on on the right side of this bike...
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    Bonanza MX1310TC

    The exhaust has also been built.This is not oem to the model but still Bonanza and I really like it on this bike. I think I got the pipe from Dave Miller years ago but can’t remember.Roger made the flange and the 45 degree short pipe.Also the nice step up cone flange to attatch to the bling.Not...
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    Bonanza MX1310TC

    More progress, stopped by Rogers today. The shroud is getting transformed to look a little more period correct. You hard core Tecumseh people will always be able to tell the differences but hopefully you respect the effort. A fill in plate was created so a serial plate can be attached.The...
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    American Pickers passed on this!

    Damm, that would have been a great buy!
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    The Official CHOPPER Photo Thread

    Here are a couple shots of my chopper . Not the best pics. Bonanza CR500