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    WTB Manco Thunderbird gas tank

    @Dr. Shop Teacher
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    Beginner NEED ADVICE

    Did you turn the key on?
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    2019 gomas minibike massacre

    Thanks for the ride. I couldn’t even move by the end. I’m not in it to win it. I just go to do the best a fat guy and I have a blast. My buddy and his son had a great time. I only brought my bike as a back up to the trike which is my preferred ride but it was too much fun so I rode...
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    2019 gomas minibike massacre

    Came in second to my buddy in our heat race. They rode the 3 and 4 wheelers against each other. In the main my buddy’s kid came in first. My buddy second and me third. Kid weighs about a third of me and his father probably half what I do. So I’m claiming weight I’m in the...
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    Bonanza and karls harley mystery frame

    It reminds me of a Corvair “unsafe at any speed”
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    The 2019 Windber minibike raffle build

    Now that Karen is out of the clique. She will be parked on the far side on the hill with the biggest slope.So you will have to go up there to get the
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    Winber 2019

    Picked this 1981 Honda C70 Passport up. Runs with 533 miles and is in awesome shape. Not a mini bike but for the $650 price tag I couldn’t resist.
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    Winber 2019

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    Winber 2019

    This is where we usually go for breakfast About 5 minutes fro Walmart. It also has a Harbor Freight in the same lot. I could,and have,eaten here several times in one
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    Winber 2019

    Bring some FRS radios so we can talk in the fields and trails in case of a break down. Or if someone has a price question back at your table if your selling but are out taking a spin.
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    Can you put a new 6 inch comet driven 20 or 30 series on a Rupp Roadster 2 Jackshaft?

    It had a jet kit,air filter and an exhaust made out of gas pipe using the 90 degree angle to keep it close to the frame. I have since sold it and never clocked it but I can tell you I could do the hillclimb at Windber which is a pretty good grade with no problem. AND I wright 375 pounds so the...
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    Modifying 30 tc?
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    Winber 2019

    I’ll be totally loaded up tomorrow.
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    Winber 2019

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    Winber 2019