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    Riding Mower Racing, any help

    Hey Cory Something like this?
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    New Decals from Bikebudy

    Not bad for a snowmobile guy Haha! he does some good work , need something done ? hit him up he can prolly do it ! My forks and drag bar cam out sweet! You doing trail fire stickers yet? LOL :thumbsup:
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    bikebudy's OldMiniBikes J.F.F 2015 "Sno-Bomb"

    atta boy cory! so close but yet so far Hahahaha! set it a side and break out the sled! :thumbsup:
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    OldMiniBikes decals ?

    well he is from Canada i just thought it was Ontario Mini Bike Racing :laugh:
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    OldMiniBikes decals ?

    damn you bikebudy leave you alone for one minute ! :laugh: you call it making money i call it advertisement :thumbsup: But the powers to be have spoken ! No good deed goes unpunished LOL LOL
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    OldMiniBikes decals ?

    LMFAO!! :laugh:
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    OldMiniBikes decals ?

    oh sure now he says something hahaha , thanks man I may keep you to that lol
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    OldMiniBikes decals ?

    don't make me come down there lol dude I had no lie 5 casts on my leg so far and there is no way I would use crouches trying to get around Hahaha! and hey when I do head down to the store your always out and about stay put! hahah I will be seeing ya soon!
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    OldMiniBikes decals ?

    Yo man ! I been laid up out of work for 7 months now with foot problems , I tried getting a hold of ya guess my messages never went through. and when I was down nicks I think you went to winber hopefully we can catch up soon I can at least drive now :thumbsup:
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    OldMiniBikes decals ?

    ahhh cool man! nice touch! maybe you can talk hent into getting some off ya
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    My new mini bike

    man very cool indeed ! your a ma of many talents ! nice work man! and yo the gas tank you painted came out sweet! :thumbsup: I see a little side work coming your way! keep the pics coming !
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    Mini Drag bike build

    440 that's it? I thought this was gona be fast ? lol lol your nuts man ! but I love it ! hahahaaa !:thumbsup:
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    Build-off undone OverKill

    its alive ! that was quick ! Nice job !:thumbsup: lets see some wheelies now LOL LOL
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    Build-off undone OverKill

    what are you from Canada or something :laugh: its never to late buddy im sure you can pop that belt off in no time best of both words ! Very cool You do great work indeed ! keep'em coming !:thumbsup: soon as I get the tabs welded on mine I will get some pics out of the wheelie bars you made...
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    Rupp Go-Joe Mod and Custom

    man looks like you almost know what your doing Hahaha looking good bro !!:thumbsup: