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  • Hi kc57,
    Just wondering if you where I can get in a front headlight for my hot shot mini bike. Also front and back fender. Thanks naughty nutiboy
    I just pick up a hot shot mini bike (not sure of the year)). I was informed by outlaw ace that you are the person that know all about them. Any info that you can tell me about th mini bike would be great. I want to restore it btw don't know where to start. I needs front and back fender, back drum is frozen, and sprocket ( front). It does run 8hsp Briggs original.[IMG]
    I just found an old post of yours with some hotshot pics, wasn't able to download them. Im interested in learning more about these bikes. Im a twister guy and I haven't been able to find much on them, such as years, production numbers, or colors and variations. Any info or contacts would be great- thanks!
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