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  • Hello corndog long time no hear! I have came across a bunch of Tecumseh stuff, Two built but used tek high performance 6hp ohv motors that have lighten and balanced cranks,needle bearing cams, billet rods, hot coils, porting and such! They were used in those Jr. midgets out at Victorville speedway, Thats where I got them from, the owner of Victorcville speedway John Aden sold them and a bunch of parts. but they need some work but could be fast and rare. need to sell them since I lost my job. If your interested?
    Got some pics of the tilly in question. new needles and a good tuning, make her pretty. Tec 8 no limiters and same stuff rocco has done to his. not gonna be a daily rider, weekend passes only. Would like the right setup for what i am doing.. let me know please.
    i want to buy your taco frijole as a roller, the one with the cracked frame. PM me if your interested in selling
    Hey Korndog, Thanx for the tip on the nos generals, I bought a set from that guy on ebay, hope they get here before next weekend. jim
    What are your bidding initials on ebay - I'm guessing you are e****e - i do not want to be bidding against each other. I'm o***a
    hey kd i got a phone message from tim isky that johnny wants your phone# but i have lost it.do you want give it to me to pass on to johnny?
    I didnt know ed has it. lets get together with ed and convince him we need to have a get togather next weekend. He lives far from me but a bbq and rideing makes it worth it.
    hey larry thanks for letting me run your mini at the spot.. had a good time. definietely have to do it again. me and ed challenge you to a drag race!!!! frijole vs my frijole and 5 h flatty vs eds 5 h flatty......lol
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