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    MIJ Pull Start Engine

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    Happy Birthday brother Ed

    Happy Birthday Evil Ed and Jim H !
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    Happy Birthday jimh!

    Wow there's a name from the past. The Birdman ! Good times at Windber. That was a long haul for you but always looked forward to seeing you and talking Bird minibikes. You taught me a lot about those bikes. Happy Birthday bud !
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    Muskin Tri-Cat & JC Penny Scat Tracker

    Thank you Robert. Looking at the trikes reminds me of the fun times we had at Windber during the "OldMiniBikes good ol' days". They are going to a good home, I think you'll be seeing them again.
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    Muskin Tri-Cat & JC Penny Scat Tracker

    Selling my trikes. One Muskin Tri-Cat and one JC Penny Scat Tracker. Most probably know both were made by CAT Muskin @ 1969-1971 era. The Scat Trackers were sold through JC Penny so they used a different name and slightly different body. Both machines have their original Horstman TAVs . The...
  7. Scat Tracker7.JPG

    Scat Tracker7.JPG

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    Scat Tracker8.JPG

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    Jack Spitler’s "Double Trouble" 1967 Twin Westbend Bonanza Drag Bike

    Stopping by to write what is regrettably the final chapter of this story. I had not heard from Jack in some time and decided to check in on him and was saddened to find out he had passed away last October. It was not unusual to not hear from him for months at a time, but when my Christmas email...
  11. Jack & Mary Spitler

    Jack & Mary Spitler

  12. Bonham Tote Gote Nova II

    Bonham Tote Gote Nova II