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    Followed me home ...

    Their we’re 2 versions of that frame I don’t know which was first, but around 1970 timeframe for those. Front wheel looks to be a rupp from a non front brake bike. and rear not sure offhand.
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    Followed me home ...

    its a Broncco colt
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    Pair of Bonanza frames maybe?

    Right on, I gave up on the idea when I decided to sell the seat. Its always the way though, whenever I just give up on one and start selling off the stuff I collected for it, the parts I am in need of usually show up......I guess I should sell some more off so I can see all the parts I was...
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    Pair of Bonanza frames maybe?

    The bonanza one is a kit500 late version, see now if I had not of sold that seat off to ya I would be trying to talk you into cutting those rear axle mounts off that frame as I was wanting to build a hardtail out of what I had 1967 bc1100 = no fenders and no chrome on those, I could have...
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    Bike identification help

    Sears sold one, and ARA sold another version.....I think that ARA might have been the supplier for Sears as they also supplied them with Underdash AC units, etc. for cars although from what I have seen the Sears 3 digit vendor codes didn't seem to match. But ARA offered the 3 different bikes...
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    hs50 questions

    That is original configuration from the factory, all the replacements will just have ring terminals on the ends to attach to the stud on the points instead. they are sold separately as most of the time you are just swapping points/condensors out. You can also peel the metal connector apart...
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    Bonanza build

    I’ve got the peanut butter to go along with your jelly. Og seat foam and cover from 67/68 roller I am breaking down $40 plus whatever shipping is
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    Need help identifying

    1969 Rupp Banchi
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    Help decoding a data plate

    8th day of 1968 The number that gives the year/day built is the first set of digits after the word serial The first number is the last digit of the year, and the next digits are the day of that year. In the 60's they would stamp them like that rather than say 8008 but later on you see them...
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    H60 crank question?

    correct, no bearing. technically no bushing there unless its been reamed and one installed/repaired, but its common to call them bushing sidecovers. If you have the bearing sidecover still you can swap that with the crank. bearing specific crankshafts have a step for the bearing and spacer...
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    H60 crank question?

    yes, if they are both Bushing type sidecover the only thing you need to do is use the correct rod for the H50 as it has a shorter your 6hp will be downgraded to a an H50.
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    Whatever an ah520 snowblower puts out….in 2 stroke terms which has very different main jetting setup than the 4 stroke counterparts did. just because they look simaliar on the outside does not mean they are the same internally.
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    That's a 2 stroke version, for like a small AH engine not for an HS
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    HS50 crank question

    Journal size is the same on all hs50 bushing supported type crankshafts, so it’s just a matter of using the crankshaft with the pto size you want. Seals etc.. are the same as well. If it’s too long for your application just cut it shorter.
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    Just finished...what is it?

    The kickstand being bolt on would make it the first version (if you didn't see any indication of bracketry cut off). So technically It was problaby built during late 1971, into 1972 the Centerstands became standard issue on the Bird made bikes with smaller wheels.