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    Followed me home ...

    If you zoom, the lower fork legs are larger diameter than the actual fork tube. My guess is someone slipped those bent legs over the cutoff lower forks and welded them on.
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    Mickey Bike Roller

    I've been looking for a Mickey for years. Looks like I missed one of the best deals out there on one!
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    Need throttle linkage advice

    Take the spring from the throttle shaft top plate going to your cable off. Not needed. That should help as well as the link provided.
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    Seat Upholsterer

    Elephant wax has worked well for me but if the vinyl is actually brittle and cracking apart nothing will save it.
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    Bike identification help

    It's a Sears. @markus has posted the brochure before regarding this model I believe.
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    Anybody Know?

    The frame was definitely Bird/Sears based by the narrow lower rails, engine plate and scrub brake....
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    Thanks to member FloridaMiniBikes for a great transaction

    Just wanted to post a quick thank you to @FloridaMiniBikes for a smooth transaction of his Tec Motorsport H50 he sold me. David was honest, responsive and went out of his way to help me get this engine for a General Appliance Trail Blazer project I'm stockpiling parts for. We all see the threads...
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    Windber Mini bike reunion 2022.

    Have fun everyone. Maybe I'll see you next year....
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    New project

    Looks good. What are your plans for a seat? There is someone who makes a fantastic reproduction. It's well worth the price and time it takes to get it.... If you are planning to get the repro decals and need accurate measurements for placement send me a PM...
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    Is this nut for flywheel sufficiently tight?

    Karen is correct. You can put it on and impact it tight but the taper is a few degrees different. If safety is your concern, don't do it. Use the Kohler flywheel that is a direct bolt on. If there is another charging coil flywheel for the Hemi, I'm not aware of it.
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    Faked Ruttman ID Stamp ?

    The stamp sure look to have weathered 50 years of life as well as a few paint jobs. I agree that the rear axle drop outs don't look quite correct though. I no longer have a washer frame for reference to be sure though...
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    Rpm range with midly buit 212cc

    and not for long either:D
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    Rider weight? You might go up a hill with a decent run at it but it won't pull you from the bottom at a start most likely...
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    Huffy hustler

    Wow! Excellent survivor!
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    Windber Mini bike reunion 2022.

    MAYBE I'll text them to you....:D