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    *** Pennsylvania Manufactured Minibikes ***

    Where you at in Pa? Ogy
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    *** Pennsylvania Manufactured Minibikes ***

    hello mb1a, There was at least one manufacturer of minibikes here in Pa. I believe the company was located somewhere near Lewistown, Pa. AJaxMini (OldMiniBikes member) was telling me one time about it. I don't remember the name but he's familiar with them. Not sure if he gets on the board anymore...
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    Fox Campus Progress Update

    What a surprise to see a couple of my old Fox Campus posts pop up again. I haven't worked on the Foxes since January of this year. I've had some serious health issues crop up unexpectedly and right now I'm dealing with those. Honestly don't know if I will ever be able to finish the Foxes...
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    For the love of god

    The person who bought it is going to get the rude awakening when it never gets shipped. Ogy
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    What is this worth?

    Right on cheezy !! When you want to know the value of something you usually go to an appraiser. An appraiser will give you an "approximate value" based on what he has seen other items like yours go for at recent auctions. Since we don't have any certified mini bike appraisers that I'm aware...
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    New member first mini (FOX?)

    Markus, I agree with you that this bike originally had the full one piece seat pan / cowling. The battery tray located forward of the seat is a dead give away that the original motor was a Briggs. Either 3,4,or 5hp. However, I am going to throw my two cents in regarding the frame and the...
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    Mini Bike Collection Photos

    You mean like this Tom?
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    Mini Bike Collection Photos

    Hi Chrisr, They are ground up restorations. I'm in the process of installing the motors. Had to repro. lot of the parts myself. Ogy
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    Mini Bike Collection Photos

    Ogy's Collection
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    Ebay...Are you kidding me.

    Whacking off with an angle grinder Dave?? I'm beginning to wonder about you. Ogy
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    Engine paint question

    Beautiful job Delray. Better than factory original! Ogy
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    An alternative to crimping fork tube ends

    CarPlay, Great idea welding nuts to the fork ends. Makes for a clean and professional appearance. And, if one of the rod end bearings ever does go bad it makes it a snap to replace. I like a person who plans ahead. Ogy
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    Differance between Briggs model 80202 and 80212t

    JJt, The only difference IS the four mounting holes. They were used for mounting an assortment of accessories like gear reducers, chainguards, etc. Other than the four holes, the two motors are the same. Ogy
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    Got here a fox mini bike of some sorts...condor?

    Those are some good looking Ogy
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    Not happy

    How about a couple of pics?? Ogy