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  • I'm interested in the tt 500. You can e mail me @ or call 269-209-4886. Thanks, Scott. I'm in Battle Creek, MI. I can come and pick it up.
    Are you still interested in selling? It's been 6 days since you accepted my offer and I've heard nothing back on an estimate for shipping costs.
    My shipping address is as follows:

    Fred Clifton
    5609 Clay Ridge Rd
    N Las Vegas, NV 89031

    Once you get a quote for shipping I can send payment via PayPal.

    FS Cat mini bike - Would you consider selling just the fork? Probably not, but I had to ask. I am a member, but don't have 5 posts yet so I'm not sure if my PMs are being sent and I'm not allowed to reply to posts yet. e-mail: Thanks.
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