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    HS40 Rebuild Info Needed

    No, it's available from the big Tecumseh parts house. I don't have the name of the place handy right now but the muffler is available...
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    HS40 Rebuild Info Needed

    Status/Feedback I ended up going with ATKRIDER for the overhaul and I am very glad I did. I recently received the engine back from him and boy howdy dose it run great! I highly recommend him if you want a quality overhaul.
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    K&S Hornet - Deluxe

    K&S Hornet Project Attached are some pictures of where I ended up for now. I plan on doing something with the motor possibly this winter as it does smoke slightly. I also plan on putting an original type exhaust on it.
  7. K&S Hornet

    K&S Hornet

  8. K&S Hornet

    K&S Hornet

  9. K&S Hornet

    K&S Hornet

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    K&S Hornet

  11. K&S Hornet

    K&S Hornet

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    HS40 Rebuild Info Needed

    Thanks everyone for your replies and subsequent recommendations. I do appreciate it. Regarding the smoke color, it is a blue color and you can smell the oil in the smoke.
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    HS40 Rebuild Info Needed

    I am looking for some ideas/opinions on how I should proceed with getting my 40 year old HS40 overhauled. I have been restoring the minibike I had when I was a young kid and have concluded since it is smoking some under acceleration that I really should go ahead and have somebody that really...
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    Comet TC88 Help

    Just keeping it interesting Bone stock, 47 horsepower:thumbsup: